The Art Of Fishing

The Art Of Fishing

12 April, 2016

The history of fishing dates back as far as at least 40,000 years ago, to the Upper Paleolithic era. Archaeological findings from this period has revealed that the ancient man that roamed earth during this period lived on a diet that consisted of regularly consuming freshwater fish. Cave drawings and paintings have also indicated as to the importance of sea food and depicted the significance that fishing held in the lives of early humans. Early man also built special tools, such as hooks made from bone, to assist in the practice of fishing. Such specializations point to the importance of fish as an important food source for early humans.

Fishing has endured to this day and remains and important economic activity, and fish and sea food remain a crucial food source in the world.

Methods of fishing

Countless method of fishing exist around the world, and different cultures and people employ varied methods to suit their needs and environment. These methods can be widely categorized based on location, as saltwater fishing methods and freshwater fishing methods.

From simple methods; such as using a fishing rod or casting a hand-line, to the use of boats, ranging from paddle boarding in Central Coast to trawlers; environment, technology available to that region, and capacity of the vessel dictate the methods used. Even the type of sea food can affect the method used. For example, techniques such as netting, trapping, and spearfishing can be used to catch shellfish, octopus, and various smaller animals. In terms of fishing vessels, there are many different options to choose from, ranging from traditional fishing boats to kayaks, to crab boats; the choices are abundant.

Recreational fishing

While for most, fishing is a livelihood, either for commercial selling or consumption, many partake in fishing as a recreational sport. Virtually any vessel available to use on water may be used to fish recreationally. Those undertaking this activity as a longstanding one usually own their own fishing vessels, but those who would want to partake in the experience occasionally or as a one-time adventure, can rent out a vessel for this purpose. Depending on the body of water (whether sea or lake, for example), one may be able to find organizations that offer such options as fishing boat tours, have fun with kayak hire in Newcastle, and even lessons on methods of fishing.

Responsible fishing

Although an activity that has sustained the livelihoods of people worldwide, rising population levels and increasing demand for fish has led to shortages in many varieties of fish, due to the issue of overfishing. Modern fishing trawlers use large nets that sweep up entire shoals of fish, including species not usually fished for commercially as well as certain protected and endangered species, causing great harm to the biodiversity and sustenance of the ocean.

Modern methods of sustainability include fish farms that reduce the need to fish in the open ocean, as well as bringing about international regulations governing capacity and limits of fishing, in order to combat the problem of overfishing.