Basic Things To Include In Your Tackle Box When Going Fishing

Basic Things To Include In Your Tackle Box When Going Fishing

27 June, 2016

Fishing can be a relaxing yet exciting pastime in which to catch up with friends and family. The gentle rocking of a boat with the wind in your hair could be the perfect anecdote to a hard week cooped up at work. Before you head out to sea with your sun hats and boots, there are a few tools you need to have in your tackle box. There are a vast variety of tools available in the market depending on the type of fishing and the area. However, the everyday tackle box is primarily dependent on your own personal taste. We have compiled a few items you might want to add to your tackle box the next time you wish to go fishing.

It’s Always Safe to have a Few Extras

Be it the colossal monster fish, the strong currents or a stray log, it is almost a guarantee that you will need an extra line. Same would be applicable to the hooks. Always remember to take a few extras so that you will not find yourself stranded and wasting your snapper fishing charters Melbourne. Depending on the type of fish and the conditions of the lake or sea, carefully choose your lines and hooks based on stability and durability. 

Bobbers and Sinkers

Though on opposite ends of the spectrum, these are both essential to have on your line. A bobber usually floats on water and sinks when a fish bites, thus indicating exactly when you need to reel in. A sinker on the other hand sinks the hook andworm into deeper waters helping you reach a wider audience than what you would find on the shallow waters alone. As before, there are a wide variety to choose from and really depends on your personal preference. 

The Lures

Live bait is always exciting to have. However, a few plastic worms and some interesting lures would not go amiss. Especially when bass fishing, carrying a few plastic worms would be advised. You can find an array of plastic worms in different colors and textures. 

Though serious medical emergencies may be rare, a small first aid kit with a few bandages and band aids should cover most of the probable injuries you may encounter. Also, you will be exposed to the sun throughout the day and to prevent looking like a lobster at the end of it, keep a bottle of sunscreen in your tackle box, just in case you forget to put it on before you hit the water.

That covers your basic tackle box needs and hopefully our few extra tips will help in your next trip out fishing.